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Richly China property right hotel be about to perfect wind up

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Turn one's head 2006, regard northeast area as most eye-catching commerce real estate, richly China (Shenyang) big public house caused Shenyang real estate new round investment storm.

2007 New Year beginning, richly China (Shenyang) big public house is sold as before hot, investment hotel product is about to sell be exhausted, into be stationed in Taiyuan street remnant of place of last good chance very few, need to throw only, can enjoy the perfect get one's own back that did not come 10 years easily, of arteries and veins of source of in power fortune achieved rich concept to attract sagacious investor in succession sidelong glance.

Current, hotel of property right type already became international to go up most faddish compound model investment means, got numerous major invests a personage to favor, be market of the investment after afterwards deposit, national debt, stock, futures, insurance, estate " the 7th kind of weapon " . Richly China (Shenyang) the delegate product that big public house regards type of northeast area property right as the hotel, the peerless elegance and talent that the safeguard of your kind effort of the its perfect investment redound that builds character, high specified number and international brand is deducing hotel of property right type faultlessly, chase after ardently in the person that be bought a house hold in both hands while, more get the clinking favour of numerous investment public figure.

If because of hesitate and pass with fortune, so richly China property right hotel, will be the last good chance that owner excessive enjoys perfect get one's own back. The investment safeguard of service of internationalization of the exalted blood relationship that believes come down in one continuous line, outstanding construction quality, exclusive that measure a body and rigorous safety is sure to make hotel of property right of rich Li Hua does not lose popular confidence.

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