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Investment tourism restaurant should discretion

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Zhou Xi

As the drawing near that Shanghai world rich meets, all sorts of capital lifted travel restaurant to invest heat. But on the analysis of Shanghai hotel market yesterday and seminar of meal sale strategy, shanghai brigade parades Zhao Renrong of secretary-general of branch of industry of trade association hotel thinks however, should not magnify world rich can travel business chance, ying Shen of investment tourism restaurant is heavy.

Zhao Renrong tells " daily of the first finance and economics " , from the angle consideration of resource conservation, capital, should not be large-scale at present extend hotel, the government concerns the sectional approval to hotel project to answer to be controlled somewhat.

According to Zhao Bi the book grows offerred data, shanghai travelled 2006 restaurant (do not include apartment of type of economy restaurant, hotel and apartment type hotel) (similarly hereinafter) rental rate is 64.3% , drop than 2005 2.13 percent. Among them, the rental rate of astral class hotel is 63.9% , drop than 2005 1.74 percent. In astral class hotel, only the rental rate of hotel of one star class had the rise of 5.46 percent 2005 relatively, achieve 64.9% , the others 2, 3, the rental rate of hotel of 4 stars class all had 2 ~ 2005 relatively of 3 percent glide.

Zhao Renrong still points out, the rental rate that calculates hotel of one star class rises extent is largish, but valence is in year of average room of the hotel only 2006 175 yuan / / day, dropped than 2005 5.1% , visible, rental rate rises is cost with the fall of the price.

And the trend that this one rental rate falls, continue all the time after the SARS trough 2003 almost, the rental rate 2002 is 72% .

Can travel to Shanghai as to world rich the contribution of hotel development latent capacity, zhao Renrong appears relatively sensible. He expresses, shanghai will have 23 to add a hotel newly this year, guest room quantity adds 7311 newly, the tourist that 11.8% had exceed the growth range of guest room new increment to predict this year increases scope newly 9% , and the hotel of Shanghai circumjacent city, want car Cheng to be controlled in a hour only, can receive the guest's pressure with partaking for Shanghai.

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