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Asia-Pacific hotel invests heat to will continue to warm up

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As a result of macroscopical economy environment hopeful, tourism develops flourishingly, the personage inside course of study estimates, the hotel investment of Asia-Pacific area trades the history that frontal afterwards achieved 5.25 billion dollar last year is highest after the level, predict to be able to exceed 7 billion dollar this year.

According to media coverage, the hotel investment of Asia-Pacific market trades the forehead grew one than 2005 2006 times, also increased 2004 than be in those who invest fastigium 73% . Among them, hong Kong of Singapore, China and Japan are the hotel investment market with Asia-Pacific the most popular last year area. In Singapore, mutual trade to clinched a deal last year related 7 hotels, always trade the forehead is 1.5 billion new yuan.

The intermediate that is engaged in a hotel investing a service measures couplet travel hotel (JonesLangLaSalleHotels) investment markets vice president Oukedeng expressed to media a few days ago, asia-Pacific economy growth is driving, cheap aviation industry bitter fleabane abundant, estate invests capital of suddenly development, market fiducial market rises to wait for an element strong, it is the main motive force that drives Asia-Pacific region public house to invest an activity.

Oukedeng points out, future will have more international investment flow into Asian market, come from the investment of middle east especially; The person that the meeting on Asian market sees more international line of business forms a partner to have the case of investment hand in hand with Asian place company; Nevertheless, in minority of many capital angle the circumstance of high grade asset falls, investment gain rate can be squashed gradually.

Intermediate measures the report of couplet travel hotel to point out, chinese mainland, India and Vietnam can be in the interest that future arouses more investor inside a year, and Hong Kong of Singapore, China and Japan will last inside 2007 become investment heat. And Singapore market will appear a few new hotel brands, for example Yagaoji is round (Accor) will be in bright Gu Lianjie (the hotel of limited type of service that develops to have about 100 guest room on the hotel a sector of an area of BencoolenStreet) (LimitedServiceHotel) .

According to reporter understanding, "Limited service hotel " belong to economy hotel (a kind of EconomyHotel) , but may not is low class. This kind of hotel is given priority to with guest room, cancelled a few needless services. Of this kind of hotel and traditional overall service hotel lie differently at, the key offers comfortable accommodation and medium price, client object is general business affairs passenger or common at one's own expenses tourist.

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