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Does the hotel invest " overheat " ?

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Reporter of report from our correspondent makes static report: Hotel investment heat of nearly two years allows a few trade wife person begins to fear hotel market may appear " overheat " trend. The reporter learns, since this year, bureau of Guangzhou city tourism will plan to build to Guangzhou city, newly-built public house undertakes shifting to an earlier date intervening coaching, avoid and reduce blind construction.

"Structural sex " fill too begin to appear

In recent years Guangzhou is built, plan to build international brand hotel to increase ceaselessly, as we have learned, arrive from this year next year, guangzhou will have Home 40-50 the start business of hotel of fast star class of 4 stars above. According to the plan, 2010 before the Asia Game, hotel of Guangzhou star class will be controlled 200 times from what have increase 300, the amount of hotel of 5 stars class can achieve 24 at most. Guangzhou hotel industry especially industry of hotel of fast star class has greeted investment upsurge.

In the 2nd round of hotel investment upsurge falls, begin to appear " structural sex " the tendency that contains too. Guangzhou city

Tourism bureau expresses about chief, at present city tourism bureau is in Guangzhou to undertake survey to hotel market, begin to begin to undertake to new start business and built public house early days coachs, prevent a hotel to appear blind investment and the situation that repeat construction. This controller expresses, at present Guangzhou was not installed to entering the public house of Guangzhou " doorsill " , but a trend that wants an attention is, a few areas had begun to appear like the Milky way hotel of 5 stars class " local overheat " situation, undertake to investing behavior appropriately about sectional general how-to.

Bureau of Guangzhou city tourism points out about the personage, at present investment of Guangzhou hotel trade basically is centered in business affairs hotel, recreational go vacationing the hotel is very defective still; Upper and recreational go vacationing the hotel form a complete set that the area also returns the class on lack; Besides hotel of fast star class, hotel of Guangzhou economy chain still also has very large market space, investor was not necessary on ground of like a swarm of bees " 5 stars " .

Be " business chance " or " bubble " ?

Be aimed at Guangzhou new the investment upsurge of hotel of class of round of fast star, industry has two kinds of different view, it is " business chance is talked " , it is " bubble is talked " . Hold " bubble talks " the person thinks: "When having public house of class of 6 5 stars only, the house price of 5 astral class hotels of Guangzhou go up not to go, which have so large market capacity? Which have so large market capacity??

To this, the personage inside course of study says: "45 years ago, the hotel of 5 stars class of Shanghai has more than 10 only, house price is 100 dollars; The hotel of 5 stars class of Shanghai is close to 30 now, house price is 200 dollars. Passenger source of hotel of Guangzhou high end is not lack, enter for its without appropriate hotel however, they run to circumjacent Hong Kong, Macao. They run to circumjacent Hong Kong, Macao..
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