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The formulate that hotel sale plans

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Good hotel management plans in formulate sale, before sale plan, after must working through strict and careful preparation, gift is nicer begin the job and formulate to go out more perfect, more comprehensive, more reasonable, more applicable sale plans to come. 4. 1 market survey and market analysis

One, understanding consumes demand: The consumer of different type the demand to restaurant is different, the main need of consumer is begged have the following kinds probably

1. Cast off the demand that restrain, (the life is tired, the job is as dry as a chip. Need to cast off original environment etc to what affection strands, go hotel recreation, it is best choice of course. )

2. The demand of indication status position (big company director, know a personage, industrial and commercial personage, national cadre and first rich the class that the SOHO that rise often cares about a hotel only when consume etc, whether can satisfy oneself to indicate the demand of position and identity, additionally a few low income person to receive important visitor, perhaps spend birthday, the reason such as the party also is met the restaurant of patronage high quality scales)

3. Receive valued demand, anybody longs to get respect, the esteem that a lot of people go restaurant is consumed even if hoping to get to get this is planted, accordingly, restaurant must improve service quality ceaselessly with better serve for the guest, if the guest got satisfactory service in restaurant, leave deep impression to this inn necessarily, still can come again next time, perhaps recommend friend patronage, service quality is good with bad it is an influence restaurant consumer is much with little, consume one of main reasons of time length. Accordingly, to satisfy this kind of requirement of consumer, we must raise quality to offer astral class to serve.

4. Recreational demand: Long-term working strain, go to work, come off work and the housework that does not work forever, make the person feels dull with exhaustion, accordingly, when having time again, need goes to recreation, loosen, because restaurant should change traditional way, be in double cease the family formula that day provides labour firewood to consume. 5. The demand that the society interacts: Restaurant is the place that people has the society interacts originally, can make friend or be to talk about the business, or in threes and fours, intimate friend, do small on the weekend salon to meet, restaurant can provide a space. Consume the analysis of demand through differring to consumer, can show some hardware with us, software photograph is comparative, whether can the service that sees us offer and existing sale strategy satisfy all requirement of the guest, if cannot what how ability has specific aim is contented / this will make sale plan to put forward a basis for us, can launch survey additionally, what does the guest still need now? We whether contented what

2. Understanding consumes motive to consume the analysis of motive through consumer, we will see not hard, 1. The customer that I handle patronage makes we satisfied their what motive, (perhaps say the guest stems from what motive patronage our hotel) 2. Not only is the customer that visits our public house why / how do we make its will consume?
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