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"Is the hotel allied " will overturn course of study of traditional hotel repres

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Often be away on official business when home when the personage of travel waits for business travel chronically to serve business to book a room through carrying dragon of Cheng, E, of the country such as the United States, Japan " hotel real time is online sell continuously " already faddish 78 years. A few days ago, alliance of hotel of business affairs of happy E travel establishs those who reach its hotel industry to sell terrace continuously to build, be being thought by industry investment expert will be 2008 Chinese hotel industry has volatile sale event most. And for the business of business travel service to the tradition, mean 3 words: "The wolf came! " online sell continuously will replace the center that book a room " market of sale of domestic public house is compared on the whole abroad and backward 10 years. This has the soft hardware environment of the hotel and the problem that sell recognizant field already, the reputation that also has consumer oneself is spent and use habitual issue. Besides, with the sale below the line the service is the enterprise of main representative mode, too strong inside a longer period also be main factor " happy ease goes (Beijing) He Tongxi of limited company of international hotel management is analysed so at present domestic hotel sells the market. As we have learned, to monomer hotel, industry group is bought and tourism group buys what the in a sense says is wholesale course, the price is extremely low and the kind that takes lunar base settle accounts, the profit contribution rate that because this is round,buys is inferior. Under photograph comparing, medicinal powder the guest became the profit strong point with monomer the mainest hotel. In last few years, as carry dragon of Cheng, E to wait " Internet of center of call of the representative below the line " the rise of hotel agent, all sorts of centers that book a room make way of the 3rd when hotel industry place depends on main sale. Because monomer hotel reachs the lag that sells ability field in IT, brand, these centers that book a room are in powerful member is compositive prop up with what the hotel purchases ability below, sale problem was solved for the hotel inside very long period of time, because this formed powerful speech inside hotel industry,counterpoise. In recent years, as business affairs come-and-go what travel often with self-help is arisen, business travel comes loose guest market is rising substantially. However, be opposite in the center that book a room of the market dish accuse the current situation to fall, this part increases a profit and become the public house of supplier of upper reaches of the center that book a room without benefit and those. The traditional center that book a room signs acting agreement in the light of the hotel, mix to sale price return commission to undertake restrain and increasing by degrees type asks, it is so called " a flight of stairs returns commission " . Below this kind of system, the hotel depends on the center that book a room to book the room that give more, the scale of deduct a percentage from a sum of money of the center that book a room can be jumped over tall. In hotel industry, like ordering room center to having the agent of channel resource like other industry, quite powerful to the bargain ability of individual public house, can say the hotel is in go up somehow much be enslaved to be enslaved to orders room center. And inside global limits, online the newest vane that be being sold continuously already was hotel industry development. It is with Japan exemple, hotel industry was passed 1999 online sell the sale that book to be 500 million yen only continuously, sale rose 2000 to 2 billion yen, reached 5 billion yen 2001, arrived to was as high as breathtaking 164 billion yen 2004, present the trend that gave geometrical class growth. Suffer this effect, domestic hotel industry is online the revolution that sells continuously also is about to pull open heavy curtain. No matter,the core that sells pattern continuously is interest allocation to hotel or member, just they care the interest that can acquire most. And burgeoning hotel sells pattern continuously, the interest that cares from hotel and member namely selects a right-hand seat. According to Introduction He Tongxi, the traditional center that book a room adopts a flight of stairs to oppose the means benefit of commission. According to statistic, the 3 acting commission that give the center that book a room real pay to hotel of 4 stars class had been as high as the 20% above of house price 2007, but those who pass hotel alliance is online sell pattern continuously, commission makes with platform the means of expense will pay, criterion can controlled in 5%~8% . Although the hotel can take out the interest of about 10% to return again,still give allied member, but the hotel gains profit ability increased instead. "On the foundation that books market minimum price in countrywide hotel, return again return the privilege of 10% " . This one privilege to business travel client, have undoubtedly comparative " power " . Besides, he Tongxi still introduces, happy E built business travel industry all right account of integral of the first cash, executed the cost of money inside the industry is at present highest, change show the cash integral system with the strongest capability. The netizen of a financial family background ever was sent on the net post, decoded the integral value of each big orgnaization that book a room technically, gave out two data: The integral value that happy E goes is equivalent to carrying 220 times of Cheng, be equivalent to 14 times of E dragon. He still undertook demonstrative with the experience of oneself: He accumulated consumption all right in happy E last year 26000 yuan, passed on integral of 520 yuan of cash, these integral change a piece of Beijing quite to Qingdao 2 lose airline ticket, still a piece of cash consumes card. And same consumption, if be in,carry Cheng, in proportion the gift; that conversion can get value is controlled about 6.5 yuan only is in E dragon, attainable 104 yuan pass on will change gift or partial hotel to change ticket. Above contrast discovers not hard: Integral changes is very fierce one action really now. The frequency that a lot of business travel clients that often are away on official business order hotel and airline ticket is very tall, if integral changes,show ability tall, be equal to actually order ticket and order a room to be able to make money, this to the user, having very strong appeal undoubtedly. The commercial pattern that the success or failure of commercial pattern depends on in-house hotel network be being sold continuously looks it is easy to be like, the demand to the technology is quite actually high. The traditional center that book a room is purchased by the agent actually, use a network next or the means of call center sells a member; and the hotel is online sell continuously, it is the real time sale that each hotel adopts network platform, this data processing ability to platform is an enormous challenge. This needs to have huge capital investment not only, still need capital to have enough patience at the same time. Heart of article of Beijing triumphant Er invests Liu Yi of advisory company general manager to think, happy E is the support of industrial capital rear all right, capital originates 500 strong companies of ten worlds, this also is this company can torpid reason of 3 years. To industrial capital, do not ask in that way like venture capital investment short-term gain profit and be eager to exiting. And the advantage of industrial capital still depends on: Resource advantage is clear, the abroad passenger source that some world that regards its as one of partner for instance's greatest travel agent carries every year to home amounts to 400 thousand person namely. However, wanting to change whole industry structure also is not an easy thing. He Tongxi admits, they also encountered very big challenge when member of recruit hotel alliance. Because its are main,the target is hotel of SamSung class, 4 stars class, and the much in these hotels had formed close interest relationship with the traditional center that book a room, they agree with allied mode on one hand, but worry about the pressure that adds allied meeting to suffer traditional agent again on the other hand, make the interest is damaged thereby. "After commercial pattern is complete, hotel alliance is faced with challenge not outer ministry and depend on interior " Introduction He Tongxi, traditional representative mode can be sold continuously necessarily mode place is replaced, foreign practice had proved this. The investment that sells terrace continuously is very large, the competition of same pattern is short-term inside appear very hard also, because this crucial question is in-house,manage and sell capacity rise. For instance, network experience is the main factor that forms consumer stickiness, the consumer that comes first can adopt trying attitude normally, if network interface is insufficient friendly, the operation is not quite convenient, after service does not reach the designated position, consumer meets a person. Accordingly, this kind of success or failure that sells pattern continuously often does not depend on explicit competition, and the sale ability that depends on oneself, whether can technical quality and service ability get match effectively and reach the designated position in time. Origin: China is managed declare

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