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Education of travel high post and scene area butt joint are solid advance " labo

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On September 29 morning, institute of travel of institute of Nanning profession technology dress the ranks of first many 100 teachers and students sets out, garrison the Chuang of Guangxi of Ming Shitian garden that is located in area of scene of chute of day of big new moral character civilian house nature science encloseds ground for growing trees, with " teacher -- manager " , " student -- employee " double identity, have the practice teacher and student of half an year of by a definite date here, take exercise through true duty field, solid advance high post to teach " labour learns to be united in wedlock " of the school and society without seam a butt joint. Chuang of Guangxi of Ming Shitian garden travel of subject Guangxi big Xin Detian expands division of scene of center of civilian house nature science limited company, for the country one class tourist attraction. This year in July, institute of Nanning profession technology and this company signed agreement of cooperation of school look forward to formally, in big Xin Mingshi center of civilian house nature science built rural Guangxi Chuang solid example base, base general according to build in all, share, open principle, function of education of be in harmony, solid example, scientific research, production " quaternity " , receive the major such as technology of academic hotel management, cooking, travel management nearly 1000 teachers and students, they part with scene area administrator is mixed the identity of employee, garrison each real work station, begin " labour learns alternant " education practice. Teacher besides undertaking administrative to the student with pedagogic identity, the post such as the manager will be held the position of in administrative layer, cooperate to assume a responsibility that manage and runs scene division; The student will be in related academic teacher and company below the guidance of chief, learn major according to place, each servive routine is engaged in in the working station such as tourist guide, guest room, dining-room. Origin: Guest of discharge  core?

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