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Hotel industry encounters a talent " bottleneck " strengthen grooming is an outl

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Well-known, the application success that world rich met 2010, will be in Shanghai ecbolic tremendous " service industry catenary " , its cause " can exhibit economy " the development that will drive industry of Shanghai tourism, hotel greatly. According to Shanghai " tourism develops the action 3 years to plan " , to 2005, hotel, tourism will become Shanghai to serve industrial pillar, amount of guest room of hotel of Shanghai star class will grow nearly one times, will recieve enter a country tourist 4 million person-time, tourism gross earnings will break through 150 billion yuan. The tourism of Shanghai is facing unprecedented development opportunity, however, the reporter understands from Shanghai travel committee, high quality professional shorts badly, already became Shanghai hotel industry to receive 2010 worlds rich to be able to expand opportunity " obstacle " . Incident one: General manager candidate is divided not Qing Sixing, 5 stars a few years ago, shanghai some 4 astral class hotels face general manager of invite applications for a job of social high pay, although cause not minor sensation, but applicant however a few people just. Firm of classics hunt head is recommended after, talent pool more than 10 candidate, but to 3 people are left only when interview, and be completely annihilated in interview. Manager of hotel of class of this 4 stars spits greatly when accepting media to interview " bitter water " : "These general manager candidate connect the distinction of hotel of 4 stars class, 5 stars class not to know, more do not talk to go up familiar travel market is dynamic, hold hotel industry to develop a tendency. " incident 2: Firewood of 500 thousand the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor hires Western-style food total hutch 2003 the beginning of the year, center of Shanghai international conference opens the invite applications for a job of day price yearly salary that gives 500 thousand yuan total hutch of a Western-style food, did not think of applicant is very few, but under, must expend setbacks to introduce a total hutch from France. The manager of hotel human affairs that occupies responsible invite applications for a job introduces, of Western-style food total hutch ask from course of study taller, should have masterly kitchen not only art, good cooperative mind and the consciousness that innovate ceaselessly, differ to world each country even the Western-style food know sth like the palm of one's hand of style and taste, in addition still must can tell fluent English. In hall of nearly 1000 Shanghai Western-style food, western-style food total hutch is not worth 100, those who accord with a requirement more belong to rare. Incident 3: 2 Hong Kong just join in only Shanghai hotel industry by 2003, "Introduce 1000 Hong Kong only just " the plan is carried out formally, in professional of introduced 11 Hong Kong, hotel talent occupied 2 quota of people, one is to hold the position of Shanghai cloud the Li Shijun of general manager of business affairs hotel, another is to hold the position of the Xin Yahua austral Shanghai the Liu Zhuoqi that the United States amounts to total hutch of dish of another name for Guangdong Province of big public house. New Yahuameida is big south Shanghai Yu Weize of hotel general manager expresses, as a result of for many times the talented person that invite applications for a job seeks less than according with to ask, because this wants to introduce professional from Hong Kong all the time, it is the channel that suffer from has done not have only. "Introduce Hong Kong 1000 only just " the plan opened a good head, the hotel still will introduce professional through this channel henceforth, in order to see a pressing need. Talent: Hotel industry grows " bottleneck " reporter from Shanghai brigade appoint understanding arrives, talent deficient is the problem that Shanghai hotel industry faces generally, the most in short supply is two kinds of professional: One kind is guesthouse hotel general manager, the high level in waiting manages manager of hotel sale ministry, public relations ministry, meal ministry, client service ministry, human affairs ministry, financial department talent; Another kind is facilities of chef of chef of eat of Chinese and Western, day Han arrange, hotel safeguard, the skill such as service of meal guest room talent. As we have learned, know international convention, the gift of tongues and the hotel government person with ability with communication strong capability to be in short supply badly, already became those who restrict development of Shanghai hotel industry the biggest obstacle. At present hotel of on the world 17 international manages a group to already pitched a camp in Shanghai, take over hotel of class of administrative tall heavenly body, need the internationalization hotel of thousands of every year to manage a talented person. From inside endowment the circumstance of the hotel looks, also be such, if international group is in bright and beautiful river to did not come 3 years inside will open 200 hotels newly, breach of senior management person with ability amounts to 5000 people in. Shanghai brigade appoint statistical data shows, 2003, difference of supply and demand of senior management person with ability already reached Shanghai hotel industry highest value, be in " strange be short of " condition. Shanghai travel grooms central hotel grooms department manager He Ling tells a reporter a such facts: 20% what joint-stock hotel amount is less than gross of our country hotel, but 80% what its profit takes whole industry however. The cause that causes this one appearance is, the management of joint-stock hotel high level brought the advantage of the respect such as culture of network of brand benefit, sale, company for its, and the hotel profession husband that all these is an exorbitant quality will come true. This shows, if talent problem is not solved, the development of domestic hotel industry can suffer diversionary. Education: Solve a talent " bottleneck " the current situation that the key shorts to professional of domestic public house, analysis of Wang Dawu of director of lab of travel of courtyard of Shanghai company division points out: Major teachs serious lag is a problem " crucial point " place. Look from professional education, those who go is " low end course " , give priority to in order to develop personnel of basic level service, the hotel that does not have an independent Gao Shuiping up to now runs professional school, the education of management staff is almost " blank " . And look from higher education, those who go is " high-level course " , exorbitant education target and too wide major are installed, bring about student learning necessarily the target is ambiguous, professional competence is not outstanding, although have academic accomplishment, however have grandiose aims but puny abilities, take on to hold the post of greatly hard. So, if why be handled rich and only, tall with small concern, it is the task that domestic travel education must study, supply very hard otherwise " be saleable satisfy the need " talent. As we have learned, the field is developed in the talent, what foreign capital hotel goes is " the talent is abstained " way, this kind of practice is worth to draw lessons from very much. The hotel government that the group sets him in American Houston university learns illustrious and famous Xierduji courtyard, holiday group poors in the first month of headquarters United States this opened a holiday university, handler of a lot of famous hotel high level " produce from " these hotel government institutes. In addition, these hotel group interior still are set groom branch, have groom technically base, be versed in in the employee to the hotel regularly undertake " knowledge, skill is updated " groom the job. To this, the society of restaurant of United States of center of hotel profession education with the greatest whole world is exclusive pedagogic courtyard is stationed in Shanghai to think on behalf of Shi Ye, in the hotel " hardware " below the circumstance with adjacent with each passing day level, quality of service level, employee " software " the central point that makes hotel industry competition, and grooming is a hotel " software " of construction this. Through grooming, raise the employee quality, work efficiency, spirit that respect property and professional morality level, develop the ability that its learn continuously, ability implementation hotel is with the person this whole optimizes a target, ability gets used to intensive to change the need that manage, the remain invincible in just can competing intensely. Accordingly, to hotel industry of home, support recommends foreign aid or be college education will solve talent problem, eventually take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, crucial even oneself " hematopoiesis " . As we have learned, by 2003, group of international of river of Shanghai bright and beautiful and famous Swiss manage institute of government of Nuo person hotel cooperates, establish " international of bright and beautiful river manages institute of Nuo person hotel " . This is China and foreign countries of home of our country head joint-stock hotel runs an institute, also be the first hotel college that has business background. This is meant, the hotel is advanced henceforth talent general " homebred change " . And 2003, shanghai brigade appoint the system of professional qualification attestation that waited for a branch to introduce American restaurant association, cover each levels such as manager of hotel general manager, branch, average employee. This is an interest good news undoubtedly, hotel talent of home will have more medium of communication, ascend body at " international talent " . Exercise to benefit the internal organs: Make " international talent " foundation so, what is internationalization hotel talent? The Qu Biao of vise general manager of big public house of the four seasons that having experience of work of 20 years of hotels cited a simple case to the reporter: In endowment the general manager of the hotel won't stand in old hall to be plum of guest sliding door, begin a new line mostly. Look in them, management is " the thing inside the portion " , and the service is " portion external affairs " . But in foreign capital hotel, these setting are very general, still have even go the general manager that tea of guest room end sends a meal. To them character, the service is a hotel those who live is essential, if be helpful for the thing of the hotel, why cannot be general manager done? Qu Biao tells a reporter, this is " native land talent " with " international talent " difference. Hotel industry is a relatively special service type business, service object comes from global each district, this is divided from personnel of course of study with respect to the requirement must have taller the gift of tongues, communication ability and artistic appreciation, more important is to should have service consciousness. Especially administrator, want to be familiar with market trends already, hold development trend; Want perfectness business again, know management, be good at building " guests feel at home " atmosphere. And majority of administrator of domestic public house is halfway " become a monk or nun " , lack necessary study and major to groom, market consciousness is not strong, some still contain an institution to lead " trace " , in the service human nature is changed, operation standardization, management is changed subtly wait for a respect to be not worth apparently. Look, want to make handsome appearance of an internationalization hotel, must practice hard above all " exercise to benefit the internal organs " , should update idea, change condition, ego in time perfect, with when all is entered. Only such, chinese ability forms to have international government ability, be familiar with mode of guild regulations of international hotel industry, code, operation, the team of hotel profession husband that has international strategy eye, industry of hotel of ability change China " hardware too hard, software is too soft " adverse situation, ability promotes the international of Chinese hotel industry competition ability truly. Origin: Optimal and Oriental

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