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Jewel of guideline of to apply for a job, interview, apply for manual... go turning to any bookshop, always can discover such 9 books, the packing skill that applies for about interview is really too much, make applicant dazzling already, not know what to do, also let human affairs manager headache, total afraid meeting is cheated by the place of applicant that pack. East accuses a ministry of resource of manpower of group limited company senior officer Qu Hui in her manpower resource of 8 years is experienced from course of study in, the person that interview crosses 1000 no less than to apply for a job, include many high-level governor among them. She thinks, when applicant is accepting interview, the key is to should master a few simple methods, such ability leave next good impression to interview official. And human affairs manager wants to check an applicant " real features " not difficult also, need to use a few simple skill only. And an invite applications for a job that lets us listen to Qu Hui summary to come out and in applying for " very close to each other " , no matter be opposite a which of interview, very simple practical.   applies for the regulation that just holds applicant of   of 3 principles   to should be abided by to listen go up very simple, share 3. Nevertheless, the surface is simple, it is so not easy also however to should be accomplished.   1, Smile is perforative applied for applicant of   of whole process   to take a company, from begin with downstage contact with, might as well show a person with smiling face. After seeing interview official, why to no matter the other side is,plant expression, want to rise immediately, smile move and its handclasp, introduce myself. Undertake in interview in the center, also want to notice from beginning to end, do not make countenance too inflexible, should timely maintain a smile. After interview ends, no matter interview official gave you how sad answer, also want to smiling to rise, path of active handclasp is fastened.   reason: Above all, the first time meet, the smile can be pulled close each other distance, let the other side feel you do not have animosity, inner sincerity. If better plus handclasp, had body contact with the other side, be remembered easily by the other side, leave deep impression; Next, if your countenance too too inflexible, appear very nervous with respect to meeting or, or appears do not have experience, or it is to let a person feel introvert. And the insecurity that the smile can conceal a heart, when you are asked one has the problem of difficulty, maintain a smile to be able to make you appear sober more, have a well-thought-out plan; Again, the smile can let official of invite applications for a job feel you get along easily, affinity is fine, not be a person that loves stir up trouble.   method: In the nervous atmosphere of interview, should accomplish Smile perforative really not easy from beginning to end. Suggest you are in walk into interview before, do a few chronic smile expression to loosen a mood. Additional, might as well before interview oneself practice an exercise more to the mirror.   2, when interview of   of sedulous   , the look faces up to the other side, timely in the process of the speech that take an examination of an official beck.   reason: This is the esteem to the other side, also can let the other side feel you have demeanor very much, cordial, air, not stage fright. If you keep lowering his head to look at in interview,be look vacillate, not only not courteous, still may let interview official spend generation suspicion to what you say the sincere letter of content.   method: If you do not have courage to look at the eye of interview official all the time really, also can look at his nose lower part, this can let him feel you are being listened attentively to seriously likewise. When trying government-owned introduction company and position case face to face, more should timely give feedback, show you take the content that he says seriously very much, and write down be in the heart.   3, the reflection that withholds 2 seconds     asks about problem of a key when interview official, concern respect of working outstanding achievement especially, for example asks you describe an an item that has made, has assumed job. Before the answer, should proper halt 2 seconds, put apart thinks the time that take an examination of one paragraph.   reason: Besides can organize the content that wants expression, the most important is the experience that you are in signal the other side to recollect the past seriously. If you are in,the answer need not think at all when these problems, and know sth thoroughly, interview official the first feeling may be you passed elaborate preparation beforehand, then can be said to you the real rate of content makes a question mark. Origin: Network of Chinese industry research

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